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Who We Are

Established in 2017 and launched in 2018, POH is led by an alliance of non-profit organizations that are engaged in affordable housing, child development, arts, education, health and wellness for DC-area families. Our steering committee consists of five strategic alliance partners with deep roots in Ward 1: Jubilee Housing, Jubilee JumpStart, For Love of Children, Mary’s Center and Sitar Arts Center.

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Our Pilot Program

POH launched our first year of programming in Fall 2018 with an inaugural cohort of 20 families living in or around the Adam’s Morgan neighborhood. Program delivery includes the following:

1.     Self-directed and individualized support to families with coaching and personal goal setting, monitored through monthly personal meetings with POH staff

2.     Monthly family sessions that build social capital and robust community support networks to allay against eroding neighborhood-based social networks due to gentrification

3.     Additional trainings/services for families based on self-reported needs (ex. parenting classes, trauma-informed therapy, financial literacy)

4.     Expedited access to existing services from alliance partner organizations and supporting partner organizations, including healthcare, arts instruction, housing and financial services    


Family success is monitored through a comprehensive evaluation plan that tracks the progress of families in achieving outcomes related to family stability, health, financial position, education and employment.

Our comprehensive radar chart enables families to select their own milestone or “ideal” in these categories, which directly inform their personal goal strategy and the services they’re connected to.


The Future:

After its initial years, The Platform of Hope team envisions bringing the program to a broader scale-- expanding to serve more families while inspiring others to follow in our footsteps elsewhere in the city and beyond.

“To be honest, I think a Platform of Hope is needed in every city.”

- Family Care Lead Sylvia Stokes